Instance Segmentation

Annotating instance segmentation involves drawing polygons. Simply click on the image to start a label, and close the path to finish drawing. Double-click on a label to select it.

Dragging the midpoint on an edge turns the midpoint into a vertex. Click the midpoint of an edge while pressing c makes the edge a bezier curve. You can adjust the control points to get tight-fitting curves. To revert back to a normal edge, click on a control point while pressing c.


Drawing a segmentation label

Sometimes an instance can be divided into multiple parts in the image due to occlusion. To link different polygons, select a segmentation label, and press Ctrl-L (Cmd-L for Mac users) or the Link button to start linking. Click all labels that you want to link, and hit Enter to finish linking.


Linking segmentation labels

Segmentation labels often share borders with each other. To make segmentation annotation more convenient, Scalabel supports vertex and edge sharing. When drawing a segmentation label, adding a new vertex at the position of an existing vertex shares the reference of the two vertices. The edge between two vertices that are both shared by two segmentation labels will also be shared. When adjusting a vertex or an edge with shared reference, all segmentation labels involved will be changed accordingly.

Lane Marking

Lane marking is similar to segmentation labeling, except that the path is not closed. Hit Enter to finish drawing a label.


Lane marking

Drivable Area

Similarly as other instance segmentation tasks, you can annotate the drivable area in the image. Details about the drivable area can be found in this blog.