Label Conversion

Currently, we provide conversion scripts between scalabel and coco formats. They are in the label moduel of the Scalabel python package. We recommend using the tools through python module invoke convention. For example,

python3 -m scalabel.label.to_coco ...

To allow for more information store in the coco-format json files, we add a new property names “videos” to the coco format. It is a list like “videos” and “annotations”, and each item is a have two properties: “id” and “name”.


from_coco converts coco-format json files into scalabel format. Currently, for conversion of segmentation, only polygon format is supported.

Available arguments:

--label INPUT, -i INPUT
                        path to the coco-format json file
--out-dir OUT_DIR, -o OUT_DIR
                        output json path for ``det`` and ``ins_seg`` or
                        output jsons folder for ``box_track`` and ``seg_track``


to_coco converts scalabel json files into coco format. Now it support the conversions of four tasks: object detection as det, instance segmentation as ins_seg, multi-object tracking as box_track and multi-object trackings, or named segmentation tracking, as seg_track.

Note that, for segmentation tasks, the mask conversion may not be reversible. Polygon format can be converted back with accuracy loss. Meanwhile RLE format’s converting back is not supported currently, but this conversion has no loss in mask accuracy.

Available arguments:

--label INPUT, -l INPUT
                        path to the video/images to be processed
--output OUT_DIR, -o OUT_DIR
                        output folder to save the frames
--height HEIGHT
                        height of images
--width WIDTH
                        width of images
--mode MODE, -m MODE
                        one of [det, ins_seg, box_track, seg_track]
--remove-ignore, -ri
                        remove the ignored annotations from the label file
--ignore-as-class, -ic
                        put the ignored annotations to the `ignored` category
--mask-mod, -mm,
                        conversion mode: rle or polygon
                        number of processes for mot evaluation
                        config file for COCO categories