Quick StartΒΆ

The entry point of creating an project is http://localhost:8686/create. The page looks like


Project Name is an arbitrary string. You can create multiple projects, but they cannot have duplicated names. You can choose Item Type and Label Type from the dropdown menus. An automatic page title will be provided based on the label settings. A project consists of multiple tasks. Task Size is the number of items (image or point cloud) in each task.

Item List is the list of images or point clouds to label. The format is either json or yaml with a list of frame objects in the Scalabel Format. The only required field for the item list is url. See [examples/image_list.yml](examples/image_list.yml) for an example of image list.

Category and Attributes are the list of tags giving to each label. Typical settings are shown in examples/categories.yml and examples/bbox_attributes.yml. We also support multi-level categories such as two and three levels. Scalabel also supports image tagging.

If you want to create an annotation project to label 2d bounding boxes, the setup will looks like


After ENTER is clicked, the project will be created and two dashboards will be generated. The links to the dashboards will appear in the project creation page.


DASHBOARD is the main dashboard for annotation progress and label downloading.


You can download the annotation results in Scalabel Format from the EXPORT RESULTS button in the toolbar on the left.

VENDOR DASHBOARD is for the annotation vendor to check the list of tasks.


The task link will lead you to each task. In our example, the task is to label 2D bounding boxes with their categories and attributes.