Video Tracking

Tracking is similar to image annotation, but each object can appear in multiple images. We can use bounding boxes or polygons to track the instances across the frames. The labels of the same instance in the exported label file will have the same label id.


An example of tracking results

2D Bounding Box Tracking

In the labeling interface of video tracking, move the slider around to move across frames.

Bounding box interpolation

Create a bounding box at the first frame it appears, and adjust the bounding boxes in the subsequent frames. For a given bounding box track, the frames in which the box is edited are considered a keyframe. The frames between keyframes are automatically interpolated using the interpolation method selected during project creation.


Ending object track

For an object that disappears after certain frame, click “End Object Track” or press Ctrl-E (Cmd-E for Mac users) at the frame of its last occurrence. The bounding box labels after this frame will be deleted.


Track Linking

Sometimes an object reappears in the frame due to occlusion or re-entrance, and track linking enables individual tracks to be linked as a single instance. Select a label, click Track-Link or press Ctrl-L (Cmd-L for Mac users), and click on any other tracks that you want to link with this label. The tracks you choose to link appears in dashed lines. Click “Finish Track-Link” or hit Enter to finish this operation.


Track linking for 2D bounding box does not allow the tracks to be linked to have overlapping frames; make sure to end object tracks correctly for all tracks before the linking operation.

Instance Segmentation Tracking

Track labeling for instance segmentation is similar with that for bounding box. A key difference is that for instance segmentation, overlapping frames is allowed when linking different tracks.

Moving a segmentation label

After labeling a segmentation label in a keyframe, adjusting each vertex in a subsequent frame can be laborious. Press m and drag a selected label to move the entire label around.


Redrawing a segmentation label

At a different frame, sometimes it is easier to redraw the entire segmentation label than adjusting each existing vertex. Press Ctrl-delete (Cmd-delete for Mac users) to re-draw a segmentation label in the selected object track.