2D Bounding Box

For tasks like object detection, we need to draw bounding boxes for the objects of interest in the image. The interface of drawing 2D bounding boxes is shown as follows.

2D Bounding Boxes

2D bounding box labeling interface

Simply click and drag on the canvas to create a bounding box. On the left side, we show all the label categories specified in categories.yml (which you can modify to meet your demand) and also provide options like Occluded and Truncated. For traffic lights, you can also annotate their colors on the left side.

Labeling bounding boxes

Changing category/attributes of a selected box

Click on a bounding box to select the label, and press Backspace (or delete on Mac) to delete it. Drag the control points on the bounding box to resize it.

Labeling bounding boxes

Selecting, deleting and resizing bounding boxes