2D Labeling Interface

The annotation interface is shown below.

Task Interface

2D annotation interface

Category and attributes loaded during project creation are shown in the left sidebar.

Jump between images by clicking the buttons, or pressing / keys. You can also edit the item index and hit Enter to jump to a specific image.

To zoom in/out, click the buttons on the top-left corner. You can also zoom by scrolling and drag the image around while pressing the Ctrl key (Cmd for Mac users).

Zooming and dragging the image

To select multiple labels, press Ctrl first, then click on the labels you want to select.

There are a few useful links on the top right corner of the annotation interface. To check out the instruction page set during project creation, click the Instructions button. Toggling the keyboard shortcut window by pressing the Keyboard Usage button or the ? key. Click the Dashboard button to jump to the vendor dashboard.

To save the results of the current task, click Save. Always save the task before refreshing or leaving the annotation interface. To disable saving, turn on the “demo mode” in the advanced options during project creation. If auto-saving is enabled, the task will be auto-saved and the Save button will not shown.

Once done labeling each item of the whole task, click Submit to indicate that the whole task is finished. This action marks the task as submitted in the project and vendor dashboards.

Mode switch

ANNOTATING mode: The default mode. User could easiliy draw labels under this mode, but it’s hard for user to select a label by clicking its edge.

SELECTING mode: Under this mode, labels could be selected by clicking its mask area.

User could switch between these two modes by pressing x, after clicking, a status bar will shown.

Mode Switch

You can switch mode by pressing x